Are You Getting Exceptional Service with Your Background Checks?

Hey there, Ed Robusto, president of five diamond screening. It is Wednesday here in Las Vegas valley.

We’ve made it to the middle of the week. We’ve succeeded to the middle of the week. I don’t look at it as “surviving.” I look at it like we’ve succeeded to the middle of the week.

Hiring volumes are rocketing. Staff is working hard. Who’s doing your employee background checks? Do you know them? Do you know them personally? Do you know them by first name or were you given a toll-free number and got a bot or some unknown person overseas?

At Five Diamond Screening, we pride ourselves on relationships. We know what you need to screen and hire employees, and how you need to get it done. We know what you need to be fulfilled.

When we say “we are clearly better,” that’s not just a tagline. We are not just a vendor. We are hospitality. We are you. We mirror your vision, your values, your character, and everything about you – every single day. It’s what we do 24/7, 365 days a year.

Let us do a comparison – apples to apples – on what you’re doing now. In terms of spend, I guarantee our employee background checks are going to cost you less. In terms of resources, we’re going to take more off your plate than you even knew it was on your plate.

And we’re going to give you that concierge customer service that we’re known for, with all your background checks and screenings.

Five diamond screening is the only pre-employment background screening company that focuses hospitality, leisure, and transportation.

Visit our website. Give us a shout out. Give us a call. We’re here for you during this hiring crunch.

Edward Robusto, President and CEO

Edward is a businessman and consultant with more than 30 years of experience helping companies grow. He built a successful nationwide insurance agency while attending undergraduate school. Edward is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences and three Master’s Degrees (Teaching, Curriculum Development, and Organizational Leadership).