Certified Safe Driver Partners with Five Diamond Screening – Taking Safety to The Next Level

Certified Safe Driver Inc., a growing driver training company, has taken safety to the next level in partnering with Five Diamond Screening, LLC. Five Diamond Screening are experts in transportation, hospitality and leisure employee background screenings, and are members of the National Limousine Association, among other nationally accredited associations.

Headed by award winning hospitality specialists with decades of experience, this automatic year-to-year agreement will provide luxury screening to aid in making the right hiring decisions for CSD and ensuring public safety.

“The partnership between the two companies is game changing for drivers, trucking transportation and the background screening industry,” said President of Five Diamond Screening, Edward Robusto. “It allows us both to create a one stop shop for training, screening and getting drivers on the road faster, more efficiently and effectively.”

This agreement will provide screening services such as motor vehicle reports, criminal government watch and exclusionary lists, criminal filings, and more.

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Edward Robusto, President and CEO

Edward is a businessman and consultant with more than 30 years of experience helping companies grow. He built a successful nationwide insurance agency while attending undergraduate school. Edward is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences and three Master’s Degrees (Teaching, Curriculum Development, and Organizational Leadership).