Encore Casino Re-Opening to Full Time

In another great sign that Las Vegas is re-opening and recovering, Wynn Las Vegas announced that as of April 8, 2021, Encore Las Vegas will go back to 24/7 operations. Some of the restaurants will have limited hours and offerings, but they will slowly start to ramp up as demand and occupancy push their hours of operations. 

This shift by one of the finest resorts in the world signifies a dramatic move to help Las Vegas recover from a very tough year.  

Wynn Las Vegas and their leadership team — directed by Elaine Wynn and CEO Matt Maddox — have been at the forefront of the battle against Covid-19 in both the city and the gaming industry. They kept employees paid with benefits through much of the shutdown, which led to Wynn Las Vegas being listed by Fortune Magazine as one of 2021’s best employers.

We look forward to their return to full-time operations and the continued forward-thinking of their leadership.

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Edward Robusto, President and CEO

Edward is a businessman and consultant with more than 30 years of experience helping companies grow. He built a successful nationwide insurance agency while attending undergraduate school. Edward is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences and three Master’s Degrees (Teaching, Curriculum Development, and Organizational Leadership).