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Industries served

All businesses, large or small, need to screen potential employees. Five Diamond Screening serves a number of industries, giving businesses the answers they need to keep things running smoothly.

Hospitality Industry

You want to create a safer environment for your guests, clients and employees while preventing loss, mitigating risk, and improving customer service. We know time to hire is critical, so we are fast, accurate, cost-effective and compliant. Our modern technology gives you the information you need faster to make an informed, compliant hiring decision. Protect your reputation with the right hiring choices.

We understand the hospitality and leisure industries inside and out and the hiring challenges you face. From hotels and casinos, to convention centers, restaurants, night clubs, transportation services, private clubs and more… we are your hospitality and leisure background screening partner.

Our goal is to help you succeed and grow every day. We reduce the stress of hiring so you can get back to business.

Delivery and Transportation

Do you know who is driving your vehicles? There are tight regulations, legal ramifications, and safety standards that need to be maintained to keep your business running smoothly. What are the best practices, and what are the requirements?

Five Diamond Screening will ensure you stay in compliance with regulatory authorities, protecting your brand reputation, improving the quality of your new hires, increasing safety, and reducing employee turnover.

We check your applicants’ motor vehicle records, employment histories, criminal records, and commercial driver license status to protect against negative hiring risks.

Sporting Events and Venues

Hosting large events can be stressful. There are many moving parts in convention centers, stadiums, and arenas. A key component to protecting critical infrastructure and reputation is the thorough background check of each person who is part of an event or venue.

From hired personnel like ticket-takers, gate security, field- and maintenance staff to volunteers, each person you hire needs to be vetted, experienced, and well-suited for their position.

Safety and security of guests, staff, and event space is crucial. Performing fast and thorough background checks and screenings will help your event or venue prevent loss, improve safety, and manage your reputation.

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