Launch Your Dream Business in Las Vegas with the Help of the Business Innovation Lab

Hey there it’s Ed Robusto here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You’ve got this amazing idea for a business you’ve been working on. Maybe it’s something that’s been in your blood forever. You’ve created a business plan.

How are you going to take an idea that you’ve put in pen to paper and make it a reality?

  • Are you going to deplete your savings?
  • Are you going to go to your mom and dad and get loans?
  • Are you going to get a home equity loan on your house, or go to the small business administration?

All of those are tricky. Some potentially have great upsides, but they also have some very dark downsides.

The Business Innovation Lab is in the process of creating a way to provide grants as well as mentorships so that you can not only get your product to market, but succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

We’re not looking for any ownership. This is truly just about community service and about building businesses within Las Vegas. To grow within Las Vegas and eventually reinvest in the community in a like-minded fashion.

Things are growing and happening fast. We are working diligently on this every single day and we look forward to launching these programs in the middle of 2022.

I’m going to be reaching out to other business leaders to get input and ideas as we move forward. This is all part of the Business Innovation Lab and the Robusto Family Foundation, the Us Forever Foundation.

What we’re attempting to do is to fulfill my lifelong dream of community service by giving back and making sure that this community grows and succeeds together.

Edward Robusto, President and CEO

Edward is a businessman and consultant with more than 30 years of experience helping companies grow. He built a successful nationwide insurance agency while attending undergraduate school. Edward is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences and three Master’s Degrees (Teaching, Curriculum Development, and Organizational Leadership).